Methoxphenidine / MXP is a new research chemical which has been developed in 2013 by our own laboratory. Buy METHOXPHENIDINE (MXP) online

Due to the nature of its chemical structure, the activity of this molecule is comparable to other NMDA antagonists such as Methoxetamine and Ketamine but its chemical structure is new.

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What is Methoxphenidine use for?

Methoxphenidine / MXP acts as a selective antagonist at the NMDA receptor.

And also acts on the dopamine transport, inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine defining the compound also a (DRI dopamine reuptake inhibitor).

Based on this, it is useful to researchers for in vitro modelling of NMDA & Dopamine transport interaction.

Researchers may also use MXP as a reference sample for their GC/MS, FTIR or NMR analysis catalogue.

Physical effects OF Buy METHOXPHENIDINE (MXP) online

  • Tactile disconnection : This results in typical states of progressive physical disconnection. But is far more consciously controllable than that of other dissociatives. This allows one to choose how much of their body they are currently aware of and connected. To simply by directing their focus towards it even throughout higher states of disconnection and out of body experience


  • Spontaneous tactile sensations : The MXP “body high” is a soft, pleasurable vibrating sensation which can be felt all over the body which progressively intensifies throughout the onset before dissipating once the peak has been reached.
  • Tactile suppression: This partially to entirely suppresses one’s own sense of touch, creating feelings of numbness within the extremities. It is responsible for the anaesthetic properties of this substance.


  • Motor control loss : A loss of gross and fine motor control alongside of balance and coordination is prevalent within nitrous and becomes especially strong at higher dosages. This means that one should be sitting down before the onset unless they are experience in case of falling over and injuring oneself.
  • Euphoria: This results in feelings of physical euphoria which range from mild pleasure to powerfully all-encompassing bliss.
  • Decreased bodily weight : This creates the sensation that the body is floating and has become entirely weightless. This effect is strangely stimulating and encourages physical activities at low to moderate dosages by making the body feel light and effortless to move.


  • Dizziness: Although uncommon, some people report dizziness under the influence of MXP.

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