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The name MXE stands for methoxetamine. Buy METHOXETAMINE online

To give it the full name, 2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone.

It has many street names, including m-ket, sometimes written as m ket, k max.

Sometimes written as k-max, k-maxx, or kmaxx, mexxy, sometimes written as mexy.

Mexxi, and also known by other similar names, such as mexxiem.

Mkat, mxxe, Methoxatamine, methoxetimine, and methoxetamin.

How to take METHOXETAMINE buy online

MXE is a drug from the arylcyclohexylamines family of compounds.

Arylcyclohexylamines also include ketamine and PCP, which are two drugs that have been around for decades.

And which have been used for anesthesia in humans and animals.

In contrast, MXE is a much more recently developed substance, which has been specifically used as a recreational drug.

MXE differs from ketamine on a molecular level.

Initial reports indicate that, despite its semi-legal status, MXE has longer-lasting and more intense effects than ketamine.

There have not been any formal studies to demonstrate exactly how MXE works.

But it is assumed to work in the same way that ketamine does, that is, it affects the brain’s neurotransmitters by acting on their receptors.

One of the neurotransmitters thought to be affected is dopamine, which is associated with feelings of euphoria.

And has a role in many addictions, including those involving drugs.

Details about Buy METHOXETAMINE online

Like other psychoactive drugs, the MXE high is described as pleasurable.

And includes stimulant, relaxant, and dissociative effects.

But MXE has unpredictable and intense side effects.

Particularly with higher doses—that are extremely unpleasant both physically and psychologically.

This is sometimes called an m-hole.

Hospital reports show that, while people can recover from MXE toxicity.

This recovery period can require several days of hospitalization.

With treatment including detox medication, intravenous fluids, and respiratory support.

In addition, news stories have blamed several deaths on consumption of the drug, MXE.



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