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IUPAC                         3-methoxy-2-(methylamino)-1-(p-tolyl)propan-1-one
CAS NO.                     8513321-2-1
Synonyms                  4-MMC-oMe
Formula                     C12H17NO2
Purity                         ≥ 98 %
Appearance               White crystalline powder

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Buy Mexedrone online

The chemical formula of MEXEDRONE is “3-methoxy-2-(methylamino). Buy Mexedrone online

The molecular weight of this drug has been calculated to be ‎207.27 g/mol.

The purity of this substance in its purest forms has been calculated to be equal to or greater than 98%.

The molecular formula of MEXEDRONE is C12H17NO2.

CAS NO.8513321-2-1
Purity≥ 98 %
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder


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